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The right care products protect your skin against UV rays, negative climatic influences or other harmful influences. Irritated skin, blackheads and skin diseases can also be reduced by professional facial care. Daily facial care is therefore the most important step for a flawless complexion!

Daily facial care suitable to your skin type 

The right care products are crucial because this is the only way to supply your skin with the necessary active ingredients and moisture. The skin care products above all should be tailored to an individual skin type. In addition to any skin problems, the season should also be taken into account when making a decision: in the hot summer months, the production of the sebum glands is boosted, among other things. The increased lipid production makes our skin feel less dry. However, at elevated temperatures our skin also has to be cared. Light fluids or gels are optimal for this.

Winter, on the other hand, is putting our skin to the bigger test! Dry skin appears to be even drier and sensitive skin is particularly irritated. The icy winter air torments our skin and the dry heating air irritates it inside. Therefore, you should use richer creams in winter to protect the skin barrier and keep moisture loss as low as possible.

Which skin type are you? 

Depending on the moisture content of the skin, it is divided into four skin types: normal, dry, oily or combination skin. The term blemished skin is usually used to denote a skin condition. However, if the skin is generally prone to skin irritations, redness and blemishes, this is known as an impure skin type. The skin type is usually related to genetic factors. However, it can also be influenced by various external and internal factors, such as nutrition, stress or climate.

  • Normal skin: The skin type "normal skin" is used for a balanced complexion. It is characterised by fine pores, good circulation and no impurities.
  • Dry skin: If the skin produces less sebum than usual (than normal skin), it falls under the skin type "dry skin". This skin type often lacks lipids. Lipids prevent loss of moisture and at the same time form a protective layer against external influences.
  • Oily skin: This type of skin increasingly produces sebum. It can be recognised by its shiny, oily skin and often by visible pores.
  • Combination skin: Combination skin is a mixed skin type of normal and oily skin or dry and oily skin. Especially the so-called T-zone (often oily) and the area around the eyes and car (dry) are characterised by different features.
  • Impure skin: The impurities (similar to oily skin) can be attributed to excessive sebum production. The T zone in particular, but also shoulders, back and décolleté are increasingly affected by pimples and blackheads.

Depending on the skin type, your facial skin has different needs. As a result, dry skin, for example, needs more moisture than normal or oily skin. Therefore, depending on your skin type, you should use specific facial care products. This is the only way to keep your skin healthy and radiant!

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The correct process – Step by step 

Do you brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening? The same applies to your facial care! The individual process of your facial cleansing and care depends on the time of day and the needs of your skin type and skin condition. Nevertheless, with all the care products, it can quickly become unclear about the correct order. However, this is very simple:

Daily facial care in the morning: 

Step 1: Clean and clarify using a cleaning gel or milk, followed by a facial tonic. Our skin produces sebum at night during its regeneration phase. This is removed by morning cleansing. 

Step 2 (optional): Special care with a serum or concentrate. The special care products are characterised by a high concentration of active ingredients and moisture. Depending on the skin type, the frequency of use of special care products should vary.

Step 3: Creaming with a day care tailored to your individual skin type. With oily skin, a moisturising gel is sometimes enough, drier skin needs a richer cream. Special eye care is recommended for the delicate skin around the eye area.

Step 4: Sun protection! Many day creams already contain sun protection, such as the VITAL JUST Day Cream. Otherwise, a sunscreen can be applied instead of or in addition to the normal day cream.

The daily evening routine: 

Step 1: Cleansing and clarifying in the evening ensures that dirt, sweat, sebum and make-up are removed. Only after cleansing your skin can properly absorb the active ingredients of night care. You should use a special make-up remover to remove makeup residues and to protect the sensitive eye area.

Step 2 (optional): Special care using serum, peeling or mask. A peeling once or twice a week not only removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal, but also allows your skin to better absorb the active ingredients of a serum or mask. If necessary, you can leave the mask on overnight to take effect.

Step 3: Your face care is completed with a richer night cream that regenerates your skin while you sleep. You should also use your own care for the delicate eye area in the evening.

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5 tips for a flawless complexion

  • Face brushes can be little wonder weapons for a radiant complexion. They help with daily facial cleansing, remove dead skin cells and at the same time stimulate blood circulation. Caution: only in mass and not suitable for blemished skin!
  • Exercise! The blood circulation is promoted, and the skin's self-healing powers are stimulated.
  • Water! The skin needs moisture, otherwise it looks pale! Moisturising care products are not sufficient for this. The moisture in necessary amount also should be supplied from the inside.
  • Change your pillowcase! Bacteria, dust and skin residues collect on pillows. Therefore, that not to expose our unprotected skin to it, pillowcase needs to be changed regularly.
  • Hands off! Our hands absorb bacteria every day, so do not touch your face with unwashed hands.

Daily facial care is a crucial step for a radiant and rosy complexion. So, take your time twice a day! This is the only way to enjoy your reflection in the mirror in the long term.