We are JUST. People and brand 

At JUST we are proud of our origins and history and maintain our family tradition. Today, Hansueli and Marcel Jüstrich are the third generation to control the company's fortunes and continue to live the values ​​of their grandfather.

There are things that haven't changed since JUST was founded over 90 years ago:

The high quality of the pure essential oils, natural creams and body care products we develop and produce ourselves, the use of natural raw materials and our company location in Switzerland - in Walzenhausen high above Lake Constance in the Appenzeller region.



The power of nature

The power of nature

We personally accompany people to health, beauty and wellbeing.
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Eucasol set

Breathe freely with Eucasol herbal spray and bath salt!
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Happy family

In the JUST blog you will always find interesting facts and good tips about your wellbeing.
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Swiss made pure essential oils and natural creams for your wellbeing

The JUST pure essential oils, natural creams and body care products stand for maximum effectiveness with the power of nature for your health, beauty and wellbeing. For over 90 years, our herbal expertise combined with state-of-the-art science has been incorporated into the development and production of natural products for health and wellbeing.
People and their needs are always our focus. Only high-quality raw materials are used to manufacture our products. Of course, we completely avoid animal testing.

For us, Made in Switzerland also means production of the highest Swiss quality. Whenever possible, JUST uses plants and herbs from Switzerland to obtain the valuable active ingredients and ingredients. Controlled cultivation and harvesting ensure high quality and availability and are in harmony with nature. Consistent quality controls and state-of-the-art processing ensure the highest Swiss quality typical of JUST. Our products convince and inspire people all over the world - proof of the first-class Swiss JUST quality. The effective Appenzell herbal and plant care has always been sold exclusively and personally from person to person. Our consultants bring the natural JUST feeling of wellbeing for the whole family into every home. A model that more and more people are appreciating, because at JUST the focus is not only on quality and effectiveness, but also on each person with their own individual needs for wellbeing and tailored fields of activity.

JUST products are meant to soothe and provide wellbeing. Please be reminded that no JUST product replaces the qualified recommendation of your health care provider or physician. JUST products are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Just products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and dermatologically tested on volunteers. For additional information, please contact your JUST consultant.


Sustainability - In harmony with nature

For us, valuable plant expertise not only means selecting the best raw materials for the unique effectiveness of our products, but also acting responsibly and respectfully towards people and nature. We maintain long-term partnerships when it comes to raw material procurement. Fair prices and environmentally friendly cultivation are just as important as impeccable quality and the shortest possible delivery routes. The production of JUST products is characterised by high standards in quality and environmental management with GMP and ISO certification. The “Generationsbau” production facility, which was newly built in 2016, is an example of this with its sustainable energy and heat concept.


Are JUST products also suitable for babies, pregnant women, nursing mothers?

As a general rule the product is clearly marked with its purpose and application. When used correctly, all products* are suitable for use from the recommended age of three years, regardless of gender (man, woman) or condition (pregnant, breastfeeding). The safety assessment assumes that from this age the skin corresponds to the developmental stage of an adult and from this age no further safety restrictions* are necessary.

The specific use «for babies» must meet special requirements regarding formulation and test evidence which must be provided by the manufacturer. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients and the associated effects, JUST products do not meet the special legal requirements for products for children under the age of three.

Many years of experience of millions of customers have shown in practice that when used properly JUST products can be used safely and effectively.

* Which products are exceptions and why?
Some products are subject to extended safety restrictions because, due to the way they are used or their composition, they could also endanger children of more than three years of age. See product pages for more details.