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Photo of Mariah

"I love using the  JUST Swiss range. Running my own business and working 60-70 hour work weeks in the fitness industry takes its toll on my joints and muscles. JUST has the perfect all natural range to help ease and soothe pain and even stress! My fav product is the essential oils in my bath or directly the area I’m feeling pain. Herbal Oil 31 is even a great help with headaches. I highly recommend JUST Swiss!"

Instagram icon @mariahjeancarew

Photo of Dimitry

"We have only recently come across JUST Swiss, but have been using all our products every day since! I love knowing how natural the products are and the best thing is they actually work! I love the natural deodorant and essential oil roller blends. But my favourite product has got to be the 31 Herbal essential is my ‘go to’ product for everything and works wonders on a sore back! Highly recommend."

Instagram icon @_dimity_

Photo of Krystal

"I have been trialing the herbal creams, skin treatment oils and essential oils for a couple of months now and after using your products I would like to commend JUST Swiss Australia on your quality. I love that you use all natural ingredients and are a family run business! My favourite product is the Lemon essential oil, I’ve been using this product in my baths which leaves my skin feeling amazing and smooth. My family also loves it when we use it in the vacuum because it leaves the whole house smelling fresh. I would definitely recommend these products to friends and family. Thank you!"

Instagram icon @krystal_thomas_

Photo of Tribe

"I have been using the JUST Swiss range for around three months now. In particular, the creams have such a beautiful scent and are so luxurious in quality. They are the perfect size to also pop into your bag for being on the go."

Instagram icon @tribeofwuwu

Photo of Tiny

"I’ve been using the CC cream for over a month now. I usually hate wearing makeup as it makes my face so oily, but the CC cream is amazing! It gives me a natural look, stays on all day and doesn’t go oily at all! The Intimate Wash has a refreshing smell and hasn’t caused any irritations. It’s very gentle on my skin."

Instagram icon @tinytonkintales

Photo of living the blessed life

"We’ve been using JUST Swiss Australia’s essential oils blends in our diffuser over the past two months & absolutely love the quality, a few drops of the oils last all day & keep our home smelling great! I’ve also loved their Eucasol room spray. It has been perfect for the babies nursery and kids rooms of the night & helps to clear stuffy noses."

Instagram icon @living_the_blessed_life_

Photo of Saygs

"I’ve been using JUST Swiss products for a few months and I absolutely adore the high quality natural ingredients they use in their products! My favourite are their hand creams, particularly the Chamomile one! It’s not oily and absorbs super quickly!"

Instagram icon @saygs_

Photo of Poshbosch

"Tried quite a few of the Just products and I've seen their power for myself. High grade quality products and great results from using them."

Instagram icon @poshbosch


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