JUST products – Made in Switzerland

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The JUST Swiss care products stand for maximum effectiveness with the power of nature for your health, beauty, and wellbeing. For more than 90 years, our herbal expertise in connection with the latest science has been incorporated into the development and production of JUST Swiss products. We always focus on people and their needs. Only high-quality raw materials are used to manufacture our products. Of course, we completely refrain from animal testing.


For us, Made in Switzerland also means the production of the highest Swiss quality. Whenever possible, JUST uses plants and herbs from Switzerland to obtain valuable active substances and ingredients. Controlled cultivation and harvest ensure high quality and availability and are in harmony with nature. Consistent quality controls and state-of-the-art processing ensure the highest Swiss quality that is typical of JUST. Through personal direct sales, we are always close to the customer and can thus meet their high requirements.


In this day and age, more customers are regularly using online stores. As a result, we have developed an online store for quick and easy access to our wide range of products. However, we believe that a website cannot compare to connecting directly with our JUST Swiss Consultants, so we encourage to you find and connect with your local JUST Swiss Consultant here. JUST Swiss Consultant will show you different products and product ranges, and you will be able to try them. You will be guided on how to use the products to experience their full effect and all your questions will be answered by your JUST Swiss Consultant.


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