Tea Tree-Manuca-Rosalina Cream 2x30ml

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On his exploration trips across Australia, Captain Cook learned about the wonderful properties of tea tree from the native Indians and used it to offer first aid to his soldiers as a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and wound healing agent. Ever since tea tree has been used extensively for a variety of skin-related problems and is considered to be very effective and delicate at the same time. The most common uses today are for burns, insect bites, bruises and minor wounds. Dermatologically tested.

A cream with a wide field of application for all skin types and skin impurities. Tea Tree cream has a regenerating and calming effect and it leaves your skin feeling pleasantly soft and silky. The cream can be used for skin problems like acne and warts but also for open wounds, scars and burns. In combination with the use of Just Tea Tree oil, the results are accelerated. Rosalina, an active ingredient, has a broad antibacterial spectrum and a calming effect on the skin while acting deeper and strengthening the immune system. So the beauty of this cream is really, more than just skin deep. Dermatologically tested.


Apply as needed, a small amount of cream to the area and rub in gently. For problematic skin such as acne, it is advisable to apply the cream in the evening for a better recovery or additionally, apply the concentrated Tea Tree oil with a cotton swab.


Tea Tree oil, Manucaöl, Rosalina oil, Camomile and Sage extract. Just uses tea tree oil of the highest quality. The inclusion of 3% of Cineol ensures high skin tolerance, and an above-average terpinene-4-oil content of at least 43% ensures a high level of broad-spectrum activity. Just Melaleuca and Tea Tree oil is a pure oil of the highest purity and quality.

Reference Guide

Blisters, bruises, cuts, open wounds, minor burns

Apply Tea Tree cream to comfort and soothe skin. Apply a fair amount, if applying to an open wound, there is no need to rub it in as this would only irritate the skin, the cream will absorb by itself within minutes.

Insect bites

Immediately apply Body balm on the sting. Follow by softly massaging Lavender or Tea Tree cream to comfort and soothe the area.

Athlete´s foot

Apply Tea Tree cream or spray Tea Tree oil to provide long-lasting comfort.

Postpartum care

Once the wound has healed, cleanse the area daily with a small amount of Deo Intim and take a sitz bath with 5 drops of Tea Tree oil. Apply Tea Tree or Lavender cream to restore the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.


To achieve a gentle, comforting feeling, cleanse the area with Deo Intim and follow with a sitz bath with 5 drops of Tea Tree or Lavender Essential oil. Soon after, apply Lavender or Tea Tree cream.
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