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Just For Men Deodorant Roll-On
The Just For Men Deodorant Roll-On is probably the best smelling deodorant I have ever used. The scent lasts all day and I got many compliments, in fact, my friend asked me where she can get it from for her partner. This deodorant is very convenient with its small bottle, great to take to the gym! I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a masculine fragrance.

- Robert/ Brisbane, QLD

Honey & Rice Milk
I love the Honey & Rice shower milk, especially after a long day. I really love this shower gel because it moisturises my dry skin. It smells so nice. It also saves me time and effort because applying it makes my skin silky soft to touch, so I don’t always have to use a moisturiser. I use this almost daily.

- Lisa/ ACT

Just For Men After Shave Gel
I started with after shave that my wife bought for me, now I have the whole range. I have very sensitive skin and shaving has always been a problem, it always left my skin very irritated and red after each shave. The Just after shave is perfect, it calms my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and back to normal within a few minutes of shaving. The shower gel and deodorant complement the pleasant fragrance of the after shave.

- Sebastian/ VIC

Lamelloderm Line
I have used Lamelloderm Cream for a while now, and I absolutely love it! I use it every morning, and night, to keep my skin moisturised and smooth all day long. After I tried the Lamelloderm Cream, I started buying other products from SwissJust, and now my bathroom is full of SwissJust products. They are just so pleasant to use, and they are all made out of natural products, which is perfect for sensitive skin like mine. I absolutely recommend using SwissJust products to anyone who’s wanting perfect and healthy skin!

- Sophie/ Brisbane, QLD

Eucasol Spray
Usually when I get a cold or blocked nose I apply the old vicks to a tissue or under my nose, but since I’ve had Eucasol I’ve been spraying it directly on to my pillow and chest. I suffered a blocked nose at 3am one morning, I used the Eucasol spray and my blocked nose was gone by the time I got up at 9am! Very impressed and I can’t wait to keep using this lovely product. Smells amazing, nice and fresh!”

- Carolina/ NT

31 Herbal Oil
I used oil 31 on my temples when I had a really bad headache, it worked a treat! And it smells divine! I also woke up during the night once with a really blocked nose, so I applied the oil to a tissue and held it up to my nose to help decongest it! It worked really well! I’m really looking forward to use this for the colder months! A multipurpose oil. Basically for everything. It is great for those who don’t want to put panadol into their system. Definitely worth trying, never heard of it until now, but now that I have shall recommend to others! Wonderful product!

- Emily/ WA

Vital Just
I have recently tried SwissJust's VITAL JUST face care line and it is super, super excellent. IT IS JUST THE BEST!!! I don't know if it's just my skin liking it but my skin has never looked and felt so good. I have never found anything so pleasant to use, so hydrating and so, so effective. I love SwissJust so much I am slowly replacing all my existing products with SwissJust. I have tried hundreds of products over the years, many very expensive so I'm over the moon to find a skincare line that is of high quality and a pleasure to use at last. Given it's effectiveness and concentration the products are actually good value for money as you don't need much at all.

- Lisa / Adelaide, SA

Body Balm
Love this for mosquito bites. I've been allergic to them my whole life and living on the Sunshine Coast mozzies are around all the time! This is the best! Takes away the itch, burning and swelling..love it!

- Jane / Sunshine Coast, QLD

31 Herbal Oil
I spend most of my day at a computer, and lately I've started noticing pain in my right elbow, probably due to moving the mouse around all the time. So, I tried the Herbal Oil 31, and it helper beautifully! Will definitely continue using it and recommend it to all my friends for joint/muscle pains. Thanks SwissJust!

- Tim / Brisbane, QLD

Chamomile Cream
Every time I use Chamomile Hand Cream, I can feel my hands get very soft and moisturized. It seems like I am using invisible gloves, because even when I wash my hands (I do it very often), they still stay soft. But what I love the most is that the cream is not greasy and absorbs quickly. Smells really nice, and as calming as a cup of chamomile tea.

- Georgia / ACT

Body Balm
I just wanted to let you know that the Body Balm is just a miracle. I have been using it since receiving it last week. I love the smell and have been rubbing it in my sore feet every evening. I also love smelling it so I use it for a quick pick me up when I need. This morning I was in the garden and got bitten by a mosquito. Whenever I have been bitten the area would swell up and create a large welt. Then it would itch and stay itchy for about 2 weeks. I would scratch it and the scar would stay around for 6 month before fading away. This would happen every time I was bitten, no fail. This morning as soon as I was bitten I rushed in to use the body balm. Initially, I could still feel the bite and it started to itch. However, I forgot about it and started to garden again. I remembered it after an hour and the whole area was not itching, it had to formed a welt, and tonight I can't see or feel a single thing. This has never happened to me before. For as long as I can remember all bites would scar me for ages before going away, sometimes takes a year to totally fade. I am astounded by the Body Balm. I really can't believe it, but I guess you'd not be surprised.

- Lisa / Adelaide, SA

Lamelloderm Line
I have used Lamelloderm for a while now, and I absolutely love it! I use it every morning, and night, and it keeps my skin moisturized and smooth all day long. SwissJust products are so lovely to use, very effective and my skin stays hydrated for a long period of time, and they absorb to my skin so perfectly! After I used Lamelloderm, I started buying other products from SwissJust and now my bathroom is full of SwissJust products. They are just so pleasant to use, and they are all made out of natural products, which is perfect for sensitive skin like mine. I absolutely recommend using SwissJust products to anyone who’s willing to have a perfect and a healthy skin!

- Sophie / Brisbane, QLD

Lamelloderm Cream
For approximately 15 years I have had red blotchy, tight and dry skin. I tried many products on the market and have been to a Dermatologist and nothing seemed to fix the issue. Being the Owner of a Catering Business, I am constantly working in the kitchen and liaising with Clients. With the way my skin looked, it made me feel self conscious about my appearance. Within a week of trying the JUST Lamelloderm Cream, my skin cleared up - no red blotchy, tight and dry skin. My skin is smooth and soft. It's made me more confident in myself so I can concentrate on building my network of clients and not be hiding because of my appearance. Friends and family have remarked that my skin appears much smoother and no redness in my face. My wife even mentioned that it makes me look more attractive...
I would recommend this product for anyone who has problem skin - It will change your life!

- Andrew/ Sunshine Coast, QLD


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