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  1. Pedi Balm 250ml

    Pedi Balm 250ml

    Refreshing lotion with wild myrtle and horse chestnut extracts. Pedi Balm refreshes and stimulates your legs and is a good caring product. The balm penetrates fast and supports the function of the tissue by means of the active ingredients contained therein; it improves blood circulation in the skin and relaxes your muscles. Ideal for people prone to dilated small blood vessels and varicose veins.... Learn More
  2. Pedi Cream 100ml

    Pedi Cream 100ml

    Refreshes, relaxes and invigorates and provides long-lasting care and moisture to the feet. It has a mild deodorizing effect due to the sage and also combats foot perspiration. Stops the skin from becoming rough, cracked and dry.... Learn More

2 Item(s)