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  1. Shampoo Anti-Dandruff 250ml

    Shampoo Anti-Dandruff 250ml

    The concentrated Anti-Dandruff Shampoo fights dandruff and delays its formation. Enriched with exclusive water mint extract, it also soothes the scalp and reduces annoying itch. Further, highly effective care and vitamins protect the hair ends from drying out. It leaves the hair feeling fresh, gives more volume and protects against environmental influences.... Learn More
  2. Shampoo for Silky Hair - 50ml

    Shampoo for Silky Hair - 50ml

    For a noticeably improved hair structure, after the first applications, with optimal moisture and protection against external damage factors. The product formula is ideal for the whole family, with daily use, heavy sweating and after exercise. ... Learn More
  3. Shampoo SanActiv

    Shampoo SanActiv

    The highly valuable minerals of this shampoo fortify and invigorate the scalp whilst having a beneficial and irritation-reducing effect on dry and sensitive scalps. The shampoo is ideal for treatment of problematic scalp conditions such as psoriasis and different eczema disorders. Its application noticeably reduces itching and eliminates open wounds. Thanks to the wound-healing properties of Witch Hazel extract the shampoo has a beneficial effect on the scalp. San’Activ leaves the hair with a... Learn More
  4. Shampoo Tea Tree Rosalina 250ml

    Shampoo Tea Tree Rosalina 250ml

    Natural Hair Shampoo for Normal Hair is a mild shampoo regenerating concentrate with precious Sophora extract, specifically designed to meet the needs of normal and fine hair. Exquisite care ingredients in combination with vitamins give the hair shine, suppleness, vitality and provide protection from UV rays. Due to its gentle formulation the shampoo does not create burning in the eyes, the shampoo is for daily hair washing and is suitable for small children.... Learn More

4 Item(s)