Juniper Cream 30ml (10/2017)

Quick Overview

Juniper Cream is a natural herbal cream formulated to release tension from muscle aches, joint aches and back pain. It contains a high concentration of juniper which helps to stimulate blood circulation, offering relief from the discomfort of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and muscle cramps. It also contains eucalyptus and cypress oil, and creates a warming effect upon application for further relaxation. Dermatologucally tested.

Juniper Cream 30ml (10/2017)

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Juniper stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation and shows its effectiveness in rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and muscle cramps. The juniper cream is a highly effective herbal cream with a high concentration of Juniper, Eucalyptus and Cypress oil. This drug combination affects blood circulation, relaxing and warming. Fantastic for people with muscles and joints aches or back pain and tension. Dermatologucally tested.


Apply as needed to affected parts of the body and gently massage. Wash hands well after use. Attention: the skin can easily become red after application, indicating an improved microcirculation. The active ingredients are most effective while at rest. For a better result, before applying, a leisurely bath with the Juniper Bath Essence is recommended.


Juniper, Eucalyptus, Soybean oil, Swamp Pine oil and Cypress oil.

Reference Guide

Muscle and joint pain

Blend 3 drops of 31 Herbal Oil with Juniper Cream and/or Comfrey Creamy Gel and massage. Complement with a bath with Juniper Bath Essence.

Spasms, cramps

Apply Juniper Cream through massage on the area. To enhance the effect, add 3 drops of 31 Herbal Oil to the cream. Complement with a bath of Juniper Bath Essence.

Warm-up before sports and physical activity

Apply Juniper Cream through massage on the area. To enhance the effect, add 3 drops of 31 Herbal Oil to the cream. This will strengthen and energize your muscles and fight a lack of energy.

Muscle tension due to lack of or excess physical activity

Blend and rub Body Balm with 3-5 drops of 31 Herbal Oil or an aromatherapy essential oil of your choice. Supplement with a massage with Juniper Cream or Comfrey Creamy Gel to ease tension in the area.