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  1. Almond Milk 250ml

    Almond Milk 250ml

    Nourishing milk, enriched with valuable almond oil. Suitable for gentle skin cleansing or as moisturizing body lotion. Improves skin elasticity and skin appearance.... Learn More
  2. Body Balm Arnica / Witch Hazel 250ml

    Body Balm Arnica / Witch Hazel 250ml

    Body Balm fights tiredness, makes you feel relaxed and smooths the skin. An invigorating rub stimulates circulation and prevents bruising. If applied locally, it helps to treat light burns and muscle cramps and with insect bites. The newly added edelweiss extract has anti-inflammatory characteristics and increases the value of this product. This cooling balm has a very refreshingeffect after a hot summer day and is not greasy, making it ideal if you dress up afterwards. Also perfect for children... Learn More
  3. Deo Intim / Intimate Wash 125ml

    Deo Intim / Intimate Wash 125ml

    A delicate cleansing liquid developed to protect a woman’s intimate area. Formulated with rich natural active ingredients, Deo Intim helps maintain and protect the vaginal area’s delicate balance. Used daily, Deo Intim gently cleanses, providing comfort to sensitive areas, and offers anti-oxidant, moisturising and slight deodorant properties. External use only. Paraben free. ... Learn More
  4. Skin Functioning Oil 125ml

    Skin Functioning Oil 125ml

    The Skin Functioning oil serves as an ideal care for dry, sensitive skin after showering and bathing. The balanced combination of different skin care oils such as jojoba, lime blossom and St. John’s wort penetrate rapidly into the skin. As a premium quality skin care oil, it can be used as massage or carrier oil, and is also suitable for baby massages. Its neutral fragrance makes it ideal for mixing with fine essential oils such as the 31 Herbal Oil or Antistress Oil.... Learn More
  5. Vanilla Body Butter

    Vanilla Body Butter

    The Vanilla Body Butter acts as an all-round body moisturiser. Fat obtained from the fruit kernels of the nuts of the shea butter tree, has excellent water-binding properties, which helps the skin maintain moisture.... Learn More

5 Item(s)