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  1. Alpine Herbal Balm 13ml

    Alpine Herbal Balm 13ml

    Alpine Herbal Balm contains the unique Just alpine herbal extract from alpine rose, edelweiss and yellow gentian as well as a powerful combination of essential oils and African shea butter. It helps relieve tension in the head and neck area, reduces the feeling of tired and heavy limbs, and has a decongesting effect on colds. The compact container fits snugly into your toiletries bag when travelling. ... Learn More
  2. Mouth Spray Peppermint/Lemon 2x20ml

    Mouth Spray Peppermint/Lemon 2x20ml

    Have a pale feeling in your mouth? One or Two sprays of the Just Oral Spray and you will feel and instant refreshment! The spray fights bad breath and gives a lasting feeling of freshness with mild, refreshing Lemon-mint flavour. ... Learn More

2 Item(s)