Hosting a Just Herbal Experience

Hosting a Swiss Herbal Experience might seem a little intimidating at first, but don't be nervous! We've put together some helpful hints that will make your experience a hit. We know you and your friends are going to have a fun, informative and relaxing time! In addition to having a wonderful time with friends, you can receive FREE Just products of your choice based on the sales from your Swiss Herbal Experience.



How many guests do I need to have a successful Swiss Herbal Experience?

Parties can be successful with anything from three to ten guests (or more). It makes sense to invite as many people as you can as not everyone will be able to make it. Work with your Consultant and fill in the Planner (received from your Consultant) to build your personal guest list.

Don’t forget that you can also collect orders from people who are unable to attend the party and guests can be encouraged to bring a friend or two. This all contributes to the success of your party.


Who should I invite?

We recommend you invite about 20-30 people to ensure 8-12 guests as you are unlikely to be able to book a date and time that suits everyone. Start with family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, club & organization friends, schools & sport friends. You will also find potential guests in your mobile phone, email and Facebook contacts.



What’s the best way to invite people?

Most Hosts find that inviting people either face to face or on the phone works best. It’s a great idea to follow up by sending a personal invitation to all your guests; the invitation cards provide a colourful reminder of the date and time. You will find a sample phone conversation on our Planner, provided from your Consultant.

Having access to the catalogue prior to the party will also mean people are more likely to place an order, if something happens and they are unable to attend. So it is a great idea to send everyone that you invited, a link to our catalogue. (Send them this link:  Don’t forget to collect advance orders and payments before the Swiss Herbal Experience begins from those invited who cannot attend. This will help you build your sales, bringing you closer to your gift goal!

When should I have my party and how long will it take?

That depends on you and your guests. We hold parties anytime from breakfast to supper (and sometimes even later), weekdays and weekends. The choice is yours!

Usually, a Swiss Herbal Experience goes for an hour and a half. A product demonstration is the longest part of this and some of the guests will have questions and will appreciate help placing their orders. This is where the Consultant will spend time providing individual advice to ensure each guest can make an informed decision regarding their purchases. If you require a particular timeframe for your party, please discuss this with your Consultant.




What about refreshments?

It is usually best to keep your refreshments simple and light. Nibbles such as dips with cheese and biscuits are great to accompany a lunch or evening timeslot; cookies, a slice or a cake with tea and coffee are perfect any time.

You don’t need to go to too much trouble, no-one expects you to provide a banquet so be kind to yourself! Providing elaborate catering will also deter others from booking from your party as they may think they have to live up to those standards.

What’s the best way to ensure my party is fun and entertaining for my friends?

Personalising your party to suit you and your guests is the best way to ensure a great experience. It also helps to give your Consultant as much information about the guests as possible. Understanding peoples’ lifestyle and needs will enable them to display and demonstrate relevant product ranges and to ‘design’ a party your guests will find fun, informative and engaging.



I have some friends who can’t make it; can they place orders or book a party?

Absolutely! All sales and bookings for your party (whether they are made at the party, in the lead up or in the day immediately following your party) can count towards your party total and therefore your gifts. When you invite the people on your guest list some will know that they are unable to make it and others may have last minute issues that prevent them from attending. Providing a catalogue to each guest (or ask them to download the catalogue from our website) prior to the party really helps with this. If someone can’t attend don’t be afraid to ask them if they would like to Host their own party. Sometimes it just doesn’t occur to people and it’s a great way for them to catch up with friends, try new products and earn free gifts too.

What is my role in the party?

As the Host we want you to have the best experience possible. Before the party, your role is to invite the guests and remind them a couple of days before. Your Consultant will work closely with you beforehand, so that on the day (or night) of your party, you just need to sit back, relax and have fun with your guests.